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Attorney Steven Bloom is are available to serve as lenderís counsel to conduct Closings for local, out-of-state and internet-based banks, mortgage companies, private lenders, institutional lenders, correspondent lenders, and mortgage brokers.  We believe that the number of conveyances and refinances that have been referred to our office, despite a very competitive Closing market, has largely been due to reasonable fee schedules, careful drafting and thorough review of documents, as well as a high degree of competency garnered through multiple and varied transaction experience. 

We have the ability to close many of the transactions in as little as five (5) days. We employ an outside attorney to examine and certify the title and we are able to offer lenders special services when the need arises. 

All  of our Closing Documents are prepared by our attorney, not paralegals or secretaries.  Our Attorney also reviews all of the Closing Documents provided to our office by the Lender.  Attorney Bloom is competent and experienced and takes pride in the work he does.  Each Closing is individually crafted as necessary and we have been quite successful in solving title problems and getting to a timely Closing.

We are available to close on residential loans in all of Massachusetts, from Worcester County, eastward.  WE will travel to Registries of Deeds and even to Borrowers' homes if necessary to close a loan.

We carry Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance with limits of $2 million/$2 million.  We are insured as a title agent as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to Close for you!

Real Estate Experience

Since the mid 1980's, Attorney Bloom  has represented numerous lenders, including banks, mortgage companies and private lenders, as well as countless buyers and sellers.  He is experienced with all sides of the residential real estate transaction, from the Offer Form and requisite disclosures, through the negotiation of Purchase and Sale Agreements, right up to and through the Closing. He is also a title insurance agent for two national title insurance companies and is a licensed real estate broker.  He is a member of the Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts (formerly known as the Massachusetts Coveyancers Association).  He is a frequent lecturer/instructor at the City of Cambridge Community Development Department's and the Town of Watertown's First Time Home Buyer Classes and has lectured on the topic of Affordable Housing in Massachusetts.  He has also lectured at a major Boston bank on issues of real estate law.




Our firm has been approved to close residential real  estate mortgage loans for the following lenders:

Metropolitan   Credit Union

East~West Mortgage Company

GMAC Mortgage Corp.

Irwin Mortgage Corp.

Bank of Blue Valley/Internet Mortgage Co.

Wells Fargo  Home Mortgage

Washington  Mutual Bank

National City  Bank

RBC Mortgage Corp.

Flagstar Bank

First Horizon Home Loan Corporation

ABN AMRO Mortgage Group

United First Mortgage, Inc.

Allegiance Bancorp.

Boston Federal Savings Bank

Hunneman Mortgage Co.

First United Mortgage Co.

Option One Mortgage

New Century Mortgage

Countrywide Home Loans

Chevy Chase Mortgage

Bank of America

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

Sovereign Bank

Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Co.

Ifreedom Direct Mortgage Co.

Title Insurance Agent For:
Stewart Title & Guaranty Co.

First American Title Insurance  Co.

To Order a Closing

Fax  or email your Title Orders and  your requirements for the Closing Protection Letter to:

Fax: 617-608-0022














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